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Method to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note MIC Problem

Method to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note MIC Problem

Following are the set of problems as well as solutions of Samsung Galaxy Note MIC problem


  • No sound is accepted MIC.
  • MIC goes Mute while calling.
  • Low Sound Capturing.

Manual Solution

  • Go into settings and check volume level.
  • Check MIC using sound recorder.
  • Restart your phone and check

note mic hole

  • Clear the MIC hole with the help of pin.

Hardware Solution


  • Make sure that MIC rubber cap is intact and free from any kind of damage.

note mic capacitor

  • Check MIC capacitor which is at the opposite side of board, replace if damaged.

note capacitor mic

  •  Check connection between negative terminal of MIC to the Capacitor and IC. If there is no continuity then:
    •  Check charging dock on-board connector, if there is no continuity then re-solder.
    • Now check charging dock strip connector, if the problem is in strip connector then replace the entire charging dock and check.

note capacitor audio ic coil

  • Now check connection from Positive terminal (From Capacitor which is at the back of the board) to the capacitor and coils near camera flash as illustrated in picture above. Change Capacitor / Coil if damaged.
  • If everything else fails then heat or re-ball Audio IC. If it still fails then replace it.



  • Quintin Denis Guenette

    My loudspeaker doesn’t work and when I receive a call my mic doesn’t work, but as soon as the person hangs up and calls back the mic works . I bought a new loudspeaker assembly but have yet to install it.

  • Thanks when I cleared the mic hole it worked perfectly.

  • I have a Note 2 where the mic works during a call, but no one can hear me while on speakerphone. Any ideas??

    • Your Secondary MIC might be having problems, as when you switch to speaker phone your secondary mic becomes active. I also recommend that you should try your hands free first and check whether you are having similar issues or not.

  • Does the note 2 and note 3 use a different mic for speakerphone? Me and my friend are both having the same issue with our phones. He has the Verizon note 2, I have th T-Mobile note 3. Mic works in speakerphone mode, and in sound record. But in regular calls, nobody can hear a thing.

    • Yes the problem is your Mic rubber cap is displaced from its original location or it is damaged. Refix Mic rubber cap and check or if it is damaged then change it. This is surely going to solve your problem. This problems arises due to that.

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