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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note Charging Problems?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note Charging Problems?

Following are the possible Samsung Galaxy Note Charging Problems:

  • Not charging.
  • Phone heats up during charging.

Manual Solution

  • Change charger and check.
  • Change battery.

Hardware Solution

note charging dock

  • Clean charging connector and check.
  • Clean and re-solder charging connector pins.
  • Check Voltage at Capacitor – 1 (Voltage should be 4.8 V). If there is a problem then change the entire charging dock.

note controller ic connectors and power ic



  • Now check capacitor – 1 with Capacitor – 2, if there is no continuity then re-solder pins of on-board connector. If it still fails then the problem must be in charging dock connector strip. Change it.
  • If the above method fails in solving the problem then replace Capacitor – 2.
  • Now heat USB controller / Charging IC. If heating doesn’t solve the problem, then replace it.
  • Re-solder all the battery connectors.
  • If everything else fails then re-heat power IC.

One thing that you should take under consideration is to check / clean all the pins, connectors and contacts of Note for water damage, as heating up of phone also occurs due to water damage.


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