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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Random Restart and Boot Loop Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Random Restart and Boot Loop Problem?

One of the most noted problems reported in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the random restart and boot loop problem. This type of problem is not found in every Note 3 phone, but a good number of users have reported this problem. Apparently it is not a hardware issue, as reported by Samsung, and Samsung has classified that as a software issue. Let’s have a brief look at these Samsung Galaxy Note 3 problems:

note 3 random restart and boot loop


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 restarts as soon as it is turned on.
  • Restarts at any point.
  • Note 3 goes in a boot loop.

Reasons of Problems

  • Too many services or applications are trying to start at the same time might be causing this issue.
  • Any of the downloaded app might be corrupt which is causing this boot loop.
  • Too many applications are trying to get updated at the same time, hence causing Note 3 to restart.
  • Micro SD card might be corrupt or faulty, as most of the times SD card is the cause of such type of problem.

Software Solution

In the following lines you will get to know about 3 different Software / Workaround methods that will help you to resolve Galaxy Note 3 random restart and reboot problem, and this is because as per the user reviews either of the three methods have worked for the users like a charm.

Solution 1

You can ask for the replacement phone from your Samsung Service Center, however a good number of people have reported that they are having similar problems with their replacement phones, while others have told that the replacement ones are working perfectly. Besides that, you can also wait for a patch or a fix to be launched by Samsung.

Solution 2

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to remove the battery and SD card from your phone, afterwards insert only your phone’s battery back and check.
  • If that doesn’t work then go into:
    • Menu.
    • Settings.
    • Wi-Fi.
    • Menu.
    • Advanced Settings and uncheck the option saying “Always allow scanning”.
  • After following the above mentioned step turn your device off and reinsert the SD card.
  • Boot your device and check for the problem. A whole lot of people have notified that their problem is resolved after following Solution no. 2.

In case your problem isn’t resolved then all you have to do is to move towards:

Solution 3

  • Remove SD card and backup your entire phone’s data, now reinsert the SD card in your phone reformat it by going into:
    • Settings.
    • Storage.
    • Format SD Card.
  • In case you are already stuck in a boot loop and you are not able to enter into your phone’s menu then go with the factory reset option of your phone via hardware button offered, however you will be losing your entire data in this process. Try to back up first.
  • Afterwards follow the following steps:
    • Turn your device off.
    • Press and Hold Volume Up, Home and Power Button, as seen as you see the Note 3’s logo only release the power button and when you see Android System Recovery screen also release the remaining buttons.
    • Now highlight “Delete all user data option” and press power button to select it and wai until the process is done.
    • Now finally select reboot system now option and press power button, and as soon as you will do it your device will reboot.

The solution number 3 is also found to be most effective when it comes to overcoming these issues.


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