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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 3 “Prevention Information” Message Bug?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 3 “Prevention Information” Message Bug?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is known to be the most powerful phone of 2013, and Samsung has surely delivered what they have promised. However this mighty Phablet came up with a good number of bugs and glitches which are hoped to be resolved real soon. However not every Note3 user is encountering such issues there are few but noticeable number of such users.

Note 3 Prevention info bug

One of the most common type of bug that is found in Note 3 is the prevention message which states that the application in your phone has been forced to stop because it is trying for an unauthorized system access on your phone, and you might need to delete that application and also ask whether you want to delete it or not? The only option this message gives you is to press “Ok” and “Cancel”. This option takes you to the list of Apps where you have to delete that app.

This thing surely sounds normal, and it appears to be a positive security warning, but the problem here is:


  • This prevention error message is a bug that offers wrong information.
  • People are encountering this prevention message even though they haven’t downloaded any of the apps.
  • This message keeps on irritating them from time to time without any solution.

Potential Solution

  • The very first thing that you can do in order to overcome this issue is top clear the data and cache of your phone and then:
    • Go into settings.
    • General.
    • Security

After going into that, make sure that “Unknown Sources” option isn’t checked. For most people this thing has surely worked as a charm, but the message might come back in some cases.

  • In order to overcome this issue, all you have to do is to press on the message for an extensive period and then select “App Info” section. When you do that you will be taken to Knox Notification Manager and from there you can disable Knox or only the notification from this program in order to overcome this thing. However the only drawback of going with this thing is that you need to root your Phablet and you also need to freeze a good number of applications as well as services related to that program, which literally means that you won’t be getting benefited from the security featured offered.
  • You can try going with OTA update, as this thing has resolved problems for most of the phones, however this thing largely depends upon the phone carrier you are using.



  • phone all of a sudden became inoperable a picture of a robot came on saying downloading….Do not turn off robot

    • So Lawrence how long your phone is in this condition? Give it a few hours, if it doesn’t helps then just power off the phone and turn it on when the phone is connected with a charging port. Anyways what in first place cause this problem?

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