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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problems?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problems?

You surely cannot go a day without using Wi-Fi on your Note 3, and this is mainly because Wi-Fi is known to be one of the services that you normally find in your home, offices, airports, public libraries etc. hence allowing you to use internet whenever you want.

note 3 wi-fi problem

We need Wi-Fi service not only for socializing, but also for performing work related activities on the go. Besides Wi-Fi, Bluetooth also has significant importance, as it allows you to share your desired data with other for free and without the need of any type of internet connectivity. Therefore having problems in your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi of your Note 3 is surely a big issue that you need to resolve it at the earliest.

In the following lines you will get to know about Galaxy Note 3 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems and their solutions in the best possible manner.


Note 3 Bluetooth Problems

  • Bluetooth of Note 3 is not turning ON.
  • Your phone cannot be found by other devices.
  • Bluetooth not connecting.
  • Data between two devices are not able to transfer.
  • Transfer halts in-between.
  • Bluetooth option is disabled.

Note 3 Wi-Fi Problems

  • Router not found by Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
  • No network.
  • Signals are weak.
  • Packets are not transferring at all.
  • Wi-Fi keeps on disconnecting.
  • Wi-Fi option disabled.


Quick Fix for Bluetooth

  • The very first thing that you should do is to toggle between ON – OFF options of your Bluetooth and check.
  • Check your device’s visibility status.
  • Remove and reinsert battery and check.
  • Refresh your device’s research.
  • Factory reset your phone (This should be considered as the last resort).

Quick Fix for Wi-Fi

  • Toggle between ON – OFF options of Wi-Fi and check.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router, as most of the times it is able to resolve the issue.
  • Restart your device and check.
  • Remove battery and re-insert and check.
  • Check for any kind of Firewall on your router.
  • Go with a Factory reset.

Hardware Solution

Most of the people really don’t need to go with hardware solution, as most of the times the above mentioned quick fixes are able to resolve the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues. Just in case if you are not able to resolve your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problem via above mentioned methods, then all you have to do is to follow the following steps:

note 3 bluetooth and wifi

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to slightly pull up the antenna contact, if that doesn’t work then re-solder that antenna contact.
  • Now check Coil 1 and Coil 2, if any of them is faulty, replace it.
  • Afterwards check Capacitor mentioned below, if it is faulty then replace.
  • If the above step fails then gently heat Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC and check. If it still fails then replace it.


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