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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – A Bigger Phone with Even Biggest Problems

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – A Bigger Phone with Even Biggest Problems

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is regarded as the next big thing and this is because it has a whole lot to offer to everyone in terms of its screen size, processor speed, storage space, camera or anything else. It is surely a one complete power packed Phablet that has everything what you have been looking for!

galaxy note 3 issues

Besides just the basic features, it also had to offer the all new S Pen Stylus, along with dozens of new features, and a light weight body that allows you to carry it much more easily. This is known to be one of the Samsung’s devices that have been sold on a massive scale.

However with all these jam-packed features, it also comes up with some of the biggest problems; however it is also not important that all of the Galaxy Note 3 devices carry problems or bugs with them.

One of the issues that is reported in Galaxy Note 3 is random restart and battery heat up. Not every device is going through this type of issue, but some of them are. This is surely a very serious issue, as the battery heat up might also damage other components on your motherboard, hence causing even more problems. By far this problem is mainly reported from the Phablets exported from Germany, but such type of problematic devices can simply be replaced at service centers.

Besides that, another issue Note 3 is encountering is the error in its Google Play Store. At several points when you access Google Play, notification pops up saying that Google Play must be enabled to run in background, and the changes in settings doesn’t resolve anything, and you might need to restart your phone a couple of times in order to temporarily resolve this issue. This is surely a huge error that some of the Note 3 devices are encountering.

Another biggest issue Note 3 is encountering is the Wi-Fi issue! Sometimes the network is very slow or the signal keeps on dropping, which irritates you to the masses. This error could be due to any of the reasons; it could either be due to software, hardware or both.

Overall Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an excellent gadget, but these issues are surely a huge let down for the consumers, but the thing is that not all Note 3 devices are encountering such issues, so the probability is quite less that you will encounter any such issues in your Note 3, but the risk is still there.


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