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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Replacement Method

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Replacement Method


  • Star screw driver.
  • Plastic separation tool.

Steps involved in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Replacement

note 2 broken lcd

  • Remove back cover and battery.

11 screws of body

  • Remove all 11 screws from Note 2’s body with the help of star screw driver.

unlocking pulling up lcd

  • Now gently push plastic separation tool between Note 2’s body and its panel. After that, gently slide plastic separation tool to all the corners of Note 2 in order to unlock all 10 locks.
  • After you have unlocked all the locks, gently push LCD upward in order to disconnect LCD panel completely with its body.

removing note 2 strips

  • Now unscrew motherboard’s screw (only one screw is there) in order to disconnect it completely.
  • Make sure that you disconnect power button with the help of plastic separation tool from Note 2 LCD Panel (as it is glued) before removing motherboard.
  • Unplug all the strips attached to the motherboard and remove buzz
  • After removing motherboard, unscrew Audio Jack and Speaker (2 Screws).
  • Now unscrew (1 screw) of vibrator dock, after it is removed remove charging strip.

buzzer and front cam led screw

  • Now unscrew front camera and LED notification light.
  • Remove buzzer with the help of separation tool.

new working note 2 lcd

  • After all the components are removed from broken LCD, fix them into new LCD Panel  in the similar way you have removed them, this can be done by following all the above steps in descending order.


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