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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 MIC Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 MIC Problem?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 MIC problem is known to be one of the issues that this device normally encounters. Note 2 MIC Issue could be due to any of the reasons, and it could either be due to the displacement of MIC rubber cup, MIC rubber cap is cut / damaged or it could be the problem in the IC.

Following are some of the problems that your Samsung Galaxy Note MIC might encounter:


  • MIC not working while making or receiving calls (Only Working with Sound Recorder)
  • MIC not working at all.
  • Captures Low Sound.
  • Distortion in Voice

Here are some of the Manual and Hardware solution of Galaxy Note 2 MIC problem:

Manual Solution

  • Go into your Note 2 settings and check Volume Level.
  • Go into record options, record Sound and Check.

Hardware Solution

samsung galaxy note 2 mic

  • Check rubber cap of MIC and verify MIC opening is dust free. If rubber cap is dusty or damaged then change the rubber cap, as it cannot be cleaned.

note 2 mic from inside

  • If that doesn’t work then open cover of Charging Dock and remove Dock / Charging Strip. (MIC is at the charging strip)

galaxy note 2 mic removed

  • Change connector dock if possible, else you only have to remove MIC and check connection (In order to remove MIC, gently heat it).

checking mic diode and capacitor


capacitor with capacitor checking

  • Check MIC terminal Connections to Connector and Diode, if connector or diode is damaged replace it.

audio controller ic

  • Now trace the entire track between components to the Audio IC.
    • From Diode to Components – Second PIN from right to Audio Controller IC.
  • Now Check Second terminal of component  (Capacitor with other Capacitor)



  • Ok, thank you for your help. Yes I will think about it and come to you back if I have to the soldering or not.

  • Hello, I have a problem with the mic on my GT-N7100 and the “Capacitor-2” is not on the motherboard. Can you tel me where I can find the replacement one?

    • there are a lot of stores from where you can find the capacitor. Simply order it online.

      • I have search a lot and I don’t found the capacitor. Is there any references on it?

        • You can see the last image, all the capacitors are marked in last image. If you are still having problems then take picture of your board and send me, i’ll point them out for you.

          • I finally found the capacitor 2 with the Note 2 Schematic and Electrical part list. Sec Code is : 1203-004819 for the capacitor which I don’t have.

            On last thing, did you know how I can solder it on the motherboard?

            • That’s great! Well you can solder that on your motherboard with the help of a soldering gun. But i recommend that you should have some soldering experience before you plan to that.

  • Terri Grears

    I’m having mic problems with my s2. I ordered a new mic for it and had a guy replace it for me, but problem is still there. I’ve updated the phone, problem’s still there. I’ve also poked it with a pin, still no joy! But when I use the voice recorder, my voice is a little low. But it does work. . Getting frustrated with it now, please help! If possible! Thanks.

    • Terri all you have to do is to replace MIC rubber cap. This problem occurs when your Mic rubber is displaced or it is out of order.

  • Hi, I liked your input. Was fixin’ to get out my soldering iron. Tried the needle. I used earbuds /mic yesterday. Very mad! Well, yesterday, I saw a volume bar after hanging up with someone. It appeared for 1 second. Saw it again last night and turned it up and pesto, it worked. Just wanted to get that word out. Calling Verizon today and going to the top. Thanx for being here!

    • Thanks for your Feedback, I guess the problem was due to some minor glitch. And You are welcome. Glad to help our readers! Best Regards.

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