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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Charging Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Charging Problem?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also referred to as N7100, which is known to be one of the most successful Smartphone of Samsung Galaxy range. Normally Samsung Note 2 doesn’t encounter much problem, but if it does there is always a solution.

Following are the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Charging problems that you may encounter:


  • You Encounter Not Charging Warning / Notification Pop – Up.
  • Phone heats up while charging. (This happens when any components gets short).

Let’s move towards Manual and Hardware solution of charging problem in Note 2.

Manual Solution

  • Change Galaxy Note 2 charger and Check.
  • Check any other battery in your Note 2.

Hardware Solution

Galaxy Note 2


Note 2 charging dock and connector pin

  • Clean dust on charging connector, you can do that simply with the help of a brush.

Check track between 1st pin and capacitor

Checking 1st pin charging connector

  • Check whether the Charging pin in connector is in good shape or not. In order to verify, check voltage at the first pin and it should be 5V. If it isn’t then it means that the pin is broken from inside. You can check it after connecting charger.
  • If the Pin is broken, change the Pin and Check voltage again.
  • Now verify the connection between Charging connector’s 1st pin and Capacitor. If it is broken, place Jumper.

Checking Note 2 Capacitor

  • Now Check Capacitor, if it is faulty, Change it.

Charging detection diode Note 2

  • Now Clean charging connector strip and check for any lose ends. If it is lose, then change the strip.
  • Check Board Charging connector.
  • Now check Charging detection diode with the help of a multi meter. If it is damaged, replace it.

Check Note 2 Power IC

  • If everything else fails, gently heat power IC. If it is still not working, replace it.



  • Hello,

    I bought an HDMI cable to mirror the display on my TV monitor. Seemed to work fine and left it plugged into the cable all night. In the morning, the battery was really low so I plugged the phone into it’s regular charger and it didn’t take a charge. One thing I noticed about the HDMI cable was that the male was about 30% longer than the standard charger. I disassembled everything as shown here and inspected the female micro usb plug but could see no damage. Do those cables have the potential to do damage?

  • hi, my phone is no longer be charge. at 1st it has a pop up saying some kind of device message and i try to choose but my phone no respond so i restart it. when i restart, my phone no longer can charge. Is that the charging dock problem or setting/ device problem?

  • I had charging problem right after the kitkat upgrade updated my phone. No matter how long I charged my phone it would not get past 60 to 70 pct. Also my phone battery discharged very quickly. I Did not have this problem prior to the upgrade. I performed a cache partition wipe on my phone (in fact i did it twice) and now my phone is back charging as normal. Do a search on the instructions for performing a cache partition wipe for a NOTE 2 (not a tablet), and see if it works for you.

  • Hello,
    My note 2 no longer charges. I have tried different chargers and a different battery and nothing seems to work.
    Any thoughts?

    • The problem might be in your phone’s charging connector. Check whether charging pin is physically good or not. Also check your phone for any traces of water damage (on phone’s board) and clean it properly then check. Else you need to change your charging dock.

  • I have a Samsung Note 2, my phone only charges when I am on a phone call, how weird is that ? OP system was updated 2 days ago.Phone is 2 months old. Any help, Thanks in advance.

    • Chris this is surely very weird, and I am sure that’s a software problem rather than hardware. You already did the update, so I would recommend that you factory reset your phone, else you need to take it to a repairer, as in these cases I can’t suggest anything, as the phone is not physically with me.

  • I have note 2 since last year but now I am about to face a problem regarding connectivity with charger or with computer
    While using it with charger some time it notified as yo connect or not connect same with docking issues
    Have any solution in this regard?

    • If you are using similar data cable for charging and connecting your computer then change it and check. This is normally the issue. However the problem could also be with your charging pin, this could also be damaged.

  • Hi, I am facing a challenge with recharging. My note 2 gt n7100 charges very very slow from yesterday. Whole night recharge is only around 30%. Please help. Thanks

    • Turn your phone into Airplane mode and charge or turn your phone off and charge. Secondly always use original Samsung charger for charging your phone. The last thing that you can do is to remove battery let it out in open air for sometime and then try to charge. If that doesn’t work then check for corrosion over battery terminals and clean it. If everything else fails, check with any other battery.

  • my note android 4.3 gets heated up in 15 -20 minutes of usage
    usage includes chatting n browsing
    i m connected to 2g data and wifi
    the temperatures recorded are battery =39-41 degree celsius
    cpu temp =51-57 degree celsius
    the heat up is generally in upper portion near front camera and speaker
    is it normal or should i demand for a replacement from samsung service center?

    • its indian version of note 2 n7100

    • Amrit it depends upon how much it gets heated up. The temperature you told me is fine, and i don’t think it will damage your phone until or unless your phone reboots. If your phone reboots due to heat then it is the problem. Else you can use it, this heat won’t harm your phone. However in order to make sure, you can also check with Samsung Service Center, they might exchange that phone if that is a problem.

  • I have problem switching of my phone, when I switched off from the power botton. The phone get stuck at goodbye display until I remove the battery and place it, then the phone boot up immeditialy. Now, the phone chooses when to charge. Whenever I leaved plug it to light, it just pickup charging when the battery is almost empty or the charging might kick in after some seconds it hasn’t respond to charging. Pls, what can I do?

    • The very first thing that you need to do is to update your phone, in most cases it is able to get the job done right. But if that doesn’t work for you then you need to wipe out your cache and change charger of your phone and check. Last option you have with you is to go with Factory reset for hanging issue and cleaning charging connector properly, as this problem also happens due to dust.

  • sahil mandhan

    I have problem with my galaxy note 2. Gt7100. When I charge it. The dock is connected is appear. Whats does it mean ?

  • Hi, my phone is not registering it is plugged it nor does it charge. It got slightly damp after a water bottle leaked on it. I tested the voltages and they are all 4.77v. Is that enough of a difference from 5v to not charge? Thank you

    • Well this is surely a big difference as charge difference in minor decimal points is accepted. You need to remove case of your phone and clean your phone properly, clean entire phone’s board wherever you find any traces of water or moisture especially in charging connector. Also use blow dryer or heat gun to properly dry mother board, but don’t do that for more than few seconds. Afterwards try charging again. Make sure that you clean your entire board and remove all the traces of moisture.

  • I can’t charge my phone. I plug it in and nothing is happening.If one of the pins are broken or have to replace charging dock,where do i get these parts from????

    • Natalie first try with any other original charger and check. Besides that you can’t be sure whether charging pin is broken or not. However i also recommend that you should also try replacing battery first, as this could be the problem. When it comes to charging dock, you can easily find dozens of websites that offer Note 2 parts. You can contact any of them for that.

  • Chandrakala

    hi Peter.. i brought a new samsung galaxy note 2 with 4.3 version last wednesday tats on 12.03.2014 battery ws low so charged it on 13th.. when i went back to my phone i saw only the red LED light was on.. but i cudnt do anything with the phone. i ws nt able to even switch off also.. so i removed the battery and then switched on. then i turned off red LED lights up when charging while screen is off.. then charged it. it ws ok this time. again whn i charged it sday phone got switched off. i cudnt even switch it on again i hd to remove the battery.. plz help me.

  • Hi. I have problems with my Note 2. When i charge it, it’s not constant charge, it’s always ON/OFF charging, sometimes not charging at all. I changed the the charger and it’s still the same, what should I do ?

    • The problem is surely in your charging dock. At first try to clean charging pins with the help of a pin, as it might be rusted. Do it properly. After that check if you encounter any significant improvement. If that doesn’t work for you change the charging dock. Do let me know if that works for you.

  • Mike Lind

    Mine wont charge on any of my 3 charges unless I vigorously clean the port with a dry brush. sometimes it is hit or miss how long it takes me to get it to work. Any ideas on how to fix so I don’t have to do that everyday?

    • Mike i guess your charging port is rusted and in order to overcome this issue you need to replace your charging dock.

  • shivish makkar

    same thing….
    my note 2 is not charging after 70% and till 70% also very slowly
    i live in India and wonder should i upgrade to 4.4 or downgrade to 4.1
    i have tried rebooting already.
    4.4 is only available in nexus 5 officially.

    • You can try going with upgrade but i recommend you to check with any other Note 2 battery first (original), as it could also be the battery problem. Besides that, I also recommend that you should check charging pins and charging dock connector as well whether they are faulty or not. As software upgrade is not the only solution in this case.

  • Joakim Rydström

    Thank you for your answer. I have tested to drain battery completely and after that charge my phone turned off. It charges very fast that way, so the problem seemed to occur when the phone is turned on and charging. I have read about wiping cache on battery? Could that solve the problem? You mentioned the charging dock? Is that the actual charger or the socket on the phone?

    • That’s great if this thing has resolved the issue, and wiping cache of your battery? Battery doesn’t have any cache and neither wiping cache of your phone has to do anything with your problem. Charging dock is basically a strip that has charging connector on it. Charging connector is the one where your connect your charger’s wire in your phone.

  • Joakim Rydström

    Iam facing a problem that I relate to dropping my charging cable in water outside. I forgot among other things my cable in the car and fetched it in night time and did not noticed that I drag it muddy snow. I came in and charged my phone. Directly noticed that the phone toggle between charging and none charging mode. I powered off and removed and put battery back and it did help for the moment. The problem persists and I notice now that the phone also charge very slowly or even drain during charging. I have tested with another charger and another charging cable. However now I have runned out of ideas to fix the problem?

    • That’s the clear case of water damage issue. You need to replace your charging dock, this will get the job done right!

  • Hi Peter, my Galaxy Note isn’t charging at all. Have had all the above fixed/replace, yet phone still will not charge. I can only use the phone if I charge the battery using an external battery charger. Any ideas on what I can do still? Can this be a result of a software flash or something gone wrong? If so how can I restore or fix that? Please assist! Thanks

    • AS you have already tried everything than i would recommend you to go with a software update, as in some cases it gets the job done right. If it doesn’t work for you then you need to replace your charging dock, this will surely solve your problem.

  • hi all , i am using samsung galaxy note 2 GT- N7105T. android 4.1.2 version, i am facing a strange problem…. there is no dial tone and when the call is answered i cannot hear anything and vice versa, where as when i use voice recorder,skype and viber the mic and speaker works well. i dont have the warranty for my phone… please help me sove the problem.

    note: factory reset, hardware check tried but failed.

    plzzzz help me

    thanx in advance

    • Aslam try fixing Mic rubber cap of your phone, as this thing happen when your Mic rubber cap is cut or displaced. Clean and re-fix then check. This will resolve your issue.

  • Michael Kauz

    I have the same charging problems since the update. The charging remains around 70% and the batrery goes down while the phone is connected to the charger! Any ideas? ?

    • Micheal that’s the most common problem that people are facing after the update. I recommend you to update your OS, if that doesn’t work then restore your factory settings and check. If that doesn’t solves the problem then you need to wait for a newer update, as nothing can be done, however you can try changing your battery, but there are least chances that this thing is going to resolve your problem, if you want to try that you can, but I don’t recommend that.

  • i m usng note 2 4.3 version after upgrading it into 4.3 i m not geting fully charge on my phone around 70% is the maxm i m geting if i put it on charge for the whole day..and is dischargng in sleep mode even though i kept it for charging. is there any problem with my phone or this upgrade?? Plz do reply for this urgen t!!

    • It might be due to the update. I recommend you to completely drain your phone’s battery and when it is turned off, plug a charger and don’t turn it On for the next 3 hours. Afterwards turn your phone on and check your battery status, and do notify me if the problem persists.

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