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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Buzzer Problems?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Buzzer Problems?


  • No ringing sound in Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
  • Low ringing sound in Galaxy Note 2.
  • Sometimes it rings sometimes it doesn’t.


  • Check volume and active profile settings.
  • Restart your phone and check.


buzzer mesh

  • Clean or change buzzer Mesh and check.
  • Clean buzzer contacts and check.

buzzer contact pins

  • Gently pull up the buzzer contact pins, if it fails then change the entire buzzer dock (Network antenna is also included in buzzer dock).
  • Now check connection between relevant capacitor and coil of +VE and –VE buzzer contact pins (left hand side is +VE and right hand side is -VE). If any of the coil or capacitor is found faulty, replace the entire charging strip.

buzzer pins soldering

  • If the above step fails then re-solder first two pins of charging strip on-board connector (First two pins are buzzer pins).

audio ic

  • Gently heat Audio IC and check, if it still fails then change Audio IC.

Make sure that you check your Audio IC after every step.


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