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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problems?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problems?


Note 2 Bluetooth Problems

  • Note 2 cannot be found by other devices.
  • Failed to connect with other device.
  • Data not transferring.
  • Data stops transferring in between.
  • Bluetooth not turning ON.

Note 2 Wi-Fi Problems

  • Note 2 Network not found.
  • Router not found.
  • Data packets not transferring.
  • Wi-Fi keeps on disconnecting.
  • Weak signals.



  • Toggle between ON & OFF in Bluetooth option
  • Remove and insert battery.
  • Factory reset
  • Software update


  • Remove and reinsert battery and check.
  • Toggle between WI–Fi ON & OFF settings.
  • Reset Router.
  • Software Update.
  • Factory reset

Hardware Solution

note 2 bluetooth wifi antenna

note 2 bluetooth wifi contact

  • Clean Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna contact.

note 2 bluetooth wifi antenna contact pin

  • Pull up pin of antenna contact and check.
  • Check connection between antenna and coil. If coil is damaged replace it.

note 2 bluetooth wifi ic

  • Now check the connection between coil and above mentioned capacitor, if there is no connection place jumper.
  • Gently heat Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC, if it still fails then replace it.



  • Owen Tien

    My issue is rather different.. the WIFI and BT can be switched on when the bezel is removed but signal is weak(understandable because antenna is there).. but when i connect the bezel, the WIFI and BT stops working(cannot be turned on) i’ve tried switching to another bezel and can’t work either.. seems weird to me that antenna could be causing this

  • Wow this worked! Eventho they are not exactly the same model type, they are very identical since I currently own the AT&T LTE Version ( Galaxy Note 2 i317) I had to heat up that piece and it worked!

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