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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 1 Audio Jack Problems?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 1 Audio Jack Problems?


  • Low sound in earphones.
  • No sound in earphones.
  • Distorted sound in earphones.
  • Unbalanced volume in each earphone.


  • Check volume level of your phone.
  • Check with any other working earphone.
  • Go with software update (should be considered as the last resort).

Hardware Solution

note 1 audio jack speaker

  • Unplug, clean and re-plug audio jack strip (Speaker is also included with audio jack).
  • If the above step fails then change entire audio jack strip and check.


  • Re-solder Audio jack’s on-board connector.
  • Check Capacitor C1, C2 and Coil, if they are faulty replace them.
  • Gently heat Audio IC and check, if it still fails then replace it.


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  • Atif Naser

    I had the same problem. I took it to a local damaged phone repair center. To replace the headphone jack completely it will cost me $65 same day fix in west Hollywood. He told me before I take it in for fix, be sure to look in the jack for dirt on any of the contacts. if anyone facing problem with note 1 audio jack i would suggest do not bend the contacts yourself they do not bend because they are little nubs that make contact to you headphone jack in 3 locations. Also check the bottom of the plug to be sure there is not dirt or debris, this would likely cause the headphone jack from aligning properly. I will look at mine tonight and update in Morning. .

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