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Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 Announced to be Equipped with ISOCELL CMOS SENSORS

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 Announced to be Equipped with ISOCELL CMOS SENSORS

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4

Year 2013 has surely been an innovative and money making year for the industry giants like Apple and Samsung, while other brands including HTC, Nokia and LG also made some good enough sales even in their depleting condition.

As the end of 2013 is approaching, Samsung and Apple Inc. are jotting down their plans of 2014, in order to make it another money making year. Apple is looking forward to follow the curved screen trend, as they are planning to launch curved screen iPhone, while on the other hand Samsung is working on their technology in order to improve their display and camera result.

Samsung has officially announced that they have started working on their Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 features. Both of these Spotlight phones of Samsung Inc will be equipped with ISOCELL and CMOS Sensors which will surely give a new life to the Galaxy camera phones.

These ISOCELL and CMOS Sensors will allow you to witness even clearer and up to 30% brighter pictures with less color bleeding; hence allowing you to get even enhanced images even in poor light conditions.

Besides that, the all new Galaxy S5 and Note 4 will also be equipped with a 16 Mega-Pixels of camera, and with ISOCELL and CMOS technology the result would be absolutely high definition and classy. Hence these are the features that would allow your phone to become an absolute professional camera.

Other than these cell phones, this technology and 16MB camera will also be passed on to few other Samsung’s devices, while the current 13 Megapixels camera will be moved to less powerful phones, hence benefiting people who prefer to buy less powerful Samsung phones due to cost difference.

It seems that 2014 is surely going to be an innovative one, as Apple is planning to launch Curved Screen iPhone in the second half of 2014, while Samsung is looking forward towards more powerful features in its future phones. Therefore it is evident that we are going to witness some of the most innovative and best techs in the coming year.


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