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Samsung Galaxy F Will be Launched Side By Side with Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy F Will be Launched Side By Side with Galaxy S5

samsung galaxy f launch

Samsung Galaxy Series has surely offered everything what people have been looking for, whether it would be style, design, bigger screen, high-end features etc. but one of the things that has never been offered by Samsung phones is a phone with a reliable body.

Samsung has always relied on plastic bodies for its phones, whether it would be their flagship Galaxy S Series or their mid-ranged phones. People have always complained about the plastic body of Samsung phones, as they are less reliable, hence allowing the phone’s display to be quite vulnerable against any physical damage, especially when it is dropped from a little bit of height.

Now the wait for this is finally over, as Samsung has announced an all new Samsung Galaxy F which will be launched side by side with Galaxy S5 phone. Samsung Galaxy F is going to be the very first Smartphone of Galaxy Series that will come in metal case, hence allowing people to get what they have been looking for.

The news of Galaxy F is confirmed by one of the Korea’s reliable news source ET News, but still it is unclear about what features it will posses, whether it would be equal to S5 or even better than that, but one thing is for sure that its price is going to be quite higher than Galaxy S5. It is expected that the Galaxy F series phone will be equipped with a QHD Display.

Besides that, ET News has also revealed that Galaxy F will come up with its very own range of devices, which means that now you won’t only wait for S and Note Series, but will also for F Series in the coming years, however F series future is entirely dependent upon its this year’s launch.

As per the recent reports, a Samsung’s prototype phone is already developed in Europe (comprises of metal casing), and is sent out to Vietnam where Samsung has set up their new facility for the production of metal molds for their future phones.

Galaxy S5 is all set to launch in Mid – March in London, so we can already assume that the launch date of Galaxy F is also the mid of the month, as Samsung has already planned both of these devices to be launched side by side.

It seems that Samsung will grasp even more global market after the launch of F Series, specifically Elite Class which prefers iPhone over every other phone. Hence this phone is surely going to help Samsung in breaking the market of Apple’s iPhone even further.


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