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Samsung Galaxy Budget Series Scheduled to be Launched in the End of First Quarter

Samsung Galaxy Budget Series Scheduled to be Launched in the End of First Quarter

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Samsung is known to be the world’s biggest Smartphone manufacturer, and currently it is ruling the industry with its low, medium as well as high end phones in all over the world. One of the biggest reasons of success of this company is that they are offering extra ordinary products within the reach of common man, and this is one of the reasons why they have dominated Chinese Smartphone market, which is known to be the world’s largest consumer market for Smart phones.

Few months back Samsung announced that they are planning to launch their very own Samsung Galaxy Budget series. This announcement was made soon after the launch of iPhone 5C which was mainly launched to capture consumer market in China.

IPhone 5C didn’t went that good in the market, and this budget phone was more of a “Failed Experiment” by Apple Inc. but it seems that Samsung still wants to go with it, as offering Smart phones for mid-ranged market is known to be one of the things which Samsung does the best!

Samsung has finally announced that they are going to launch their first series of budget phones at the end of first Quarter of 2014, which is most probably in the mid of March.

Following are the 4 phone that will be included in this budget line:

  • Galaxy Core Prima.
  • Galaxy Core Max.
  • Galaxy Core Ultra.
  • Galaxy Ace Style.

Samsung has already filed the patents for all of these phones in the first week of February, and it is expected that they will get the patents for all that in the third week of February 2014.

Configuration of these phones isn’t final yet, but it is assumed that there won’t be much difference. Not much can be said about Ace Style but Galaxy Core Prima, Max and Ultra will be closer to their predecessor SM-G386F (Samsung Galaxy Core).

Galaxy Core phones will be equipped with 4.5” of screen, Quad Core Processor of 1.2GHz accompanied by 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera and a powerful 200mAh battery. The configuration of these phones are surely very impressive, and as they are the part of the budget series therefore they will be much more affordable.

It has been assumed that if the price is right then this Galaxy budget series is surely going to wipe out other major Smartphone manufacturers like LG, HTC, Huawei etc. as Samsung will be offering a whole lot features at a very much decent amount. However there are also reports that HTC budget series might also on its way, as the company’s profit is reducing massively every year, and their high-end phones are not making that much money for them.


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