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Samsung Denies All Rumors Supporting Samsung Galaxy F

Samsung Denies All Rumors Supporting Samsung Galaxy F

A little more than a month ago, there were hot shot rumors that Samsung might be launching two Flagship phones at the same time or at least back to back which were supposed to be Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy F.

Samsung denied galaxy F rumors

Samsung Galaxy S5 is already out in the market, and people are already waiting for another Samsung Galaxy F which is said to be equal in specs as of S5 but came in a metal housing, and is known to be an expensive version of S5. You can find such rumors all over the internet explaining the launch of Galaxy F along with speculated prices.

Recently the President of Samsung literally killed this news as he said that Samsung is not planning to launch two Flagships at the same time under a similar banner, and they will only launch their next Generation of Note Phablet at the end of the year, just like they always do. However the President of Samsung did not denied the possibility of launching another high end phone which might happen at any time in this year, most probably in the mid of 2014 , as Samsung loves to surprise people, but not under the similar banner as of S5.

Some of the techno critics that strongly believed that Samsung Galaxy F was also on its way back to back of S5 and also claim that now Samsung is only playing a Bluff, as they fear lesser sales of Galaxy S5 which is already in the market, as people might be waiting for the new Galaxy F, as each and everyone wants a good looking and more reliable Smart phone irrespective of its cost. Besides that, the news of Galaxy F phone will also damage Galaxy S5 sales, which will surely affect Samsung’s Stock market worth to the masses. So Samsung surely has sufficient reasons for being deceitful in this matter. Other than that, they also didn’t the possibility of Galaxy F; however it might come under some other banner just for the sake of their Flagship.

Besides everything else, the President of Samsung also said in his board’s meeting that company will continue to focus on the more profitable aspects of the company which is the manufacturing of Cellular Phones, LED TV’s and Micro Chips, as these sections are known to be the most profitable ones as compared to anything else, however the market of Smart phones are already overly saturated.



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