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Samsung Cuts down the Production of S5 in the Anticipation of iPhone 6 in September

Samsung Cuts down the Production of S5 in the Anticipation of iPhone 6 in September

Apple and Samsung have always been each other’s head to head competitors in almost all the regions. Both of them try their level best to beat each other’s sales in order to grab the maximum tech bounty of the year.

Samsung cuts production of S5 and s4

We all are aware of the success of iPhone 5S, as it has beaten the sales of each and every Smartphone, even though it was launched in the last quarter of the year. While Samsung also made some huge sales over its Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 phones.

Samsung launched Galaxy S5 in April 2014, and it made some significant sales, as in just a single month S5 was able to make 11 Million sales, hence beating the sales of S4 by 1 Million units.

Recently the information has been released from the supply chain, that the Samsung has cut down the production of its S5 phones by 25%, and this is mainly due to the expectation of iPhone 6 in coming months (most probably in September 2014).

Samsung is well aware that Apple Inc is planning to launch two different series of iPhone 6, one would be supporting a screen of 4.7inches, and the other one will be of 5.5inches, and they are surely going to gobble up the rest of the market.

Other than S5, Samsung has also reduced the production of Galaxy S4 phones from 6 million to 5 million phones, as they surely don’t want their phones to rot in their warehouses or in the retail shops. However there is also a chance that their Note series might hit a delay as well, as they don’t want the market to be completely consumed at the time of the launch of their Note 4 phones.

This change in launch strategy has surely confused the rest of its competitors, and this is mainly because of the fact that they are going to launch their iPhone almost at the end of the third quarter, which can also be said as the last quarter of the year. However a whole lot of analysts are speculating that Apple is planning to hit Xmas, as that’s the time where they normally made record sales.

Besides that, another reason for this delay in launch is that iPhone 5S is still highly appreciated in the market, and is still being bought to the masses, hence allowing Apple to make maximum sales over their iPhone 5S before actually introducing iPhone 6 in the market.

Samsung’s sales are surely going to hit badly as soon as Apple starts advertising for their iPhone 6, therefore this change in strategy (cutting down the production), is surely considered as a wise one.


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