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Samsung beats Apple, Nokia and LG by Shipping 120 Million phones in 3rd Quarter

Samsung beats Apple, Nokia and LG by Shipping 120 Million phones in 3rd Quarter

Samsung beats nokia apple LG

The Year 2013, has surely been going great for Samsung, as in the last quarter the company was able to capture 29% of the global market, hence beating Nokia, Apple, LG and all the other smart phones manufacturers at the same time!

In the last quarter, Samsung did a record shipment of 120 million phones, which is even more than the total quantity of Apple, Nokia and LG Shipments.

Last year, Samsung was standing at 22% of the global shipments, but as after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3, this percentage came up with a 7% increase, hence allowing Samsung to stand at the highest peak among the rest.

No doubt the demand of Samsung Galaxy series is at the highest peak, and the best thing is that Samsung has the capacity to fulfill all the consumers demand, especially China, were there mi- ranged smart phones are well received. However 5 of the Samsung’s phones were largely criticized in China due to faulty chips, which caused them to malfunction. Samsung apologized to its Chinese consumers and offered them free repairs over those specified models.

When talking about the rest of the mobile phone giants, they are lagging way behind, as the number 2 Nokia is at 15.5%, Apple at 8% and LG at mere 4.4%.

The main reason for Nokia to be the second largest shipper of Mobile phones is its low end range phones as well as Nokia Lumia series success in Europe, which allowed the company to stand tall and secure number 2 position when it comes to shipment. It has been noted that Nokia’s shipments have depleted as compared to the last year even after its Lumia series is in high demand.

When it comes to iPhone, Apple has witnessed a 26% rise in its shipments, as compared to the last year, which is the fastest growing rate witnessed so far, and it was all due to iPhone 5S. It is expected that iPhone 5S’s overall sales in the last quarter will help Apple to regain a better spot in the mobile phone industry.

Samsung is currently leading at top, and is way much ahead as compared to other industry giants, so it is expected that it might take more of the mobile phone industry shares in 2014.


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