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Samsung Apologizes as Chinese Consumers Report Phone Malfunction

Samsung Apologizes as Chinese Consumers Report Phone Malfunction

samsung apologizes to chinese consumers

After a report that was published on a Chinese Television about Samsung phones malfunction issue, Samsung Electronics has no other option than to apologize from their Chinese Consumers, as it is known to be their biggest middle – class market.

Samsung phones were crashing to the masses mainly due to faulty chips, and the worst thing was that the Samsung’s repair policies forbid them to go through any kind of free repairs from Samsung’s service centers.

This news spread like a wild fire, and Samsung not only apologized from its troubled Chinese Consumers but they also offered those consumers free repairs for all the mentioned models in reports. It was surely a very important step that was taken by Samsung, as China’s market generates about 14% of its yearly revenue.

We all know that things like this would happen, and this was mainly because Samsung has been producing Mobile phones in bulk, and providing top notch and fault free parts in every smart phone is surely very impossible. Hence Samsung should now be focusing more on quality, as this thing is surely going to damage their reputation.

Things have been real tough for Samsung, as more and more Mobile phone manufacturing companies are getting into China, mainly targeting middle class market, as they know that this is truly a money making industry. Besides that, Samsung’s Arch Rival Apple Inc. has also been trying very hard to move into China’s market, and most of the analysts believe that iPhone 5C was the move played by Apple and was designed to hit middle and upper middle class in China, specifically those people who are not able to afford newly launched iPhone generation.


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