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After Nokia, Samsung and Sony are also Planning to Switch towards Windows Phone OS

After Nokia, Samsung and Sony are also Planning to Switch towards Windows Phone OS

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Just a few months back, Windows Phone OS was regarded as one of the least desired operating system, and none of the major Smartphone manufacturing companies were interested in risking their phones with Windows Phone OS, but now it seems that Samsung and Sony are looking forward towards Windows Phone OS.

One of the biggest reasons of distrust in this OS is that it has to offer only a few apps and a very few third party developers were interested in introducing their apps on this platform, and this was mainly because lack of trust and credibility in the future of Windows Phone OS.

These days, the future of Smartphone OS depends entirely upon the number of apps it possess, and this is the thing which Windows Phone OS doesn’t have with them in the past, but now slowly but steadily they are progressing, and now they have around 2 million apps in their app store (Only 20% of what iOS and Android have in their stores), and this is one of the things why other major Smartphone companies are interested in coming towards Windows Phone OS, as now they see a better future of their phones with Windows OS.

Nokia surely deserves credit for that, as the company’s Lumia series has stayed loyal with Windows Phone OS, and now as the Lumia phones are finally making good sales, it has enticed other companies as well and now they are looking forward to invest in this industry as well.

This is surely great news for Microsoft, as this thing will strengthen the company’s Phone OS and in the next 2 to 3 years they might be able to come in close competition with Android OS, but still there is a long way to go.

Recently Sony has showed their interest in working with Microsoft, and the biggest reason for this is that Google is also in close coordination with Sony’s current competitors while they might also be able to reap benefits out of the PC OS deals from Microsoft too! While on the other hand Samsung is planning to launch their Full HD display phone on Windows Phone OS, while the company didn’t give out any news or clear motives regarding this move.

Nevertheless, Nokia has still 95% shares of Windows Phone OS in its hands, and it is evident that they will remain the major share holders for the next 10 or most probably years until or unless Nokia Lumia with Android OS beats the sales of Lumia phones with Windows Phone OS.


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