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Possible Solutions of Samsung Galaxy S4 Hanging Problem

Possible Solutions of Samsung Galaxy S4 Hanging Problem

Not just S4, almost every Smartphone goes through hanging problem at any point, and this could be due to any of the reasons. Normally it happens when a good number of heavy apps are accessed or when you are performing different functions at the same time. However it also happens due to some software error or glitch which could arise due to any of the reasons.  If it happens in rare cases then it is surely acceptable, as any phone can hang up due to any of the minor reasons. But if this problem persists and continues to rise more frequently then it means that your phone is going through a severe problem and you need to resolve this issue at the earliest.

This thing not only damages your phone but also frustrates you as you need to restart the phone again, hence wasting your time and energy, while losing the entire temporary data in this process.


  • Phone hangs as soon as it starts.
  •  S4 Hangs when you open any app. (Mostly games)

Reasons of Problems

  • Many applications are running at the back end.
  • Phone cache is not enough to run all the heavy applications at a time.
  • Any of the applications or program might be corrupt; hence when you try to access it your phone hangs.
  • Your phone might be infected with some kind of virus.


  • Restart your phone and check.
  • Remove and reinsert battery and check.
  • Go with Factory Reset and Check.
  • Identify whether any of the Volume buttons are Jammed, if yes than this is the cause of the problem.

Permanent Solution

Permanent solution can be classified into either:

Software Solution

  • Scan your S4 with good known antivirus and reboot.
  • Update your Samsung Galaxy S4 with new Software update. (Reboot and check)
  • Format your phone and check.

Hardware Solution

s4 volume buttons

  • If the problem is with volume buttons (Volume buttons are jammed), then all you have to do is to gently heat and remove volume buttons and replace them with the new ones. Make sure to solder new volume buttons instead of heating them.

s4 display connector

  • If volume buttons are fine then it must be problem with display connector, as they might be short. Clean and re-solder all the pins of display connector and check.

If you are lucky enough than only the above mentioned software solutions will get the job done for you. In case it fails then you have to go with its hardware solution.


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