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How to Retrieve Password of Your Apple’s ID?

How to Retrieve Password of Your Apple’s ID?

method to retrieve apple's id password

One of the most noted problems that are being witnessed these days is that the people forget their Apple Id’s password, and even worst thing is that they really don’t know how to recover it. A whole lot of us made a bunch of stupid mistakes when it comes to its retrieval, as some of us Flash (Format) our entire phones in a pursuit to change the current Apple’s ID, but the fact is it cannot be changed in this way, in fact you are making matter worst for yourself. By doing that you will not only remove your entire data, but you will also remove the listed Apple ID record from your phone, hence allowing the entire procedure for you to be even more problematic.

In the following lines you will get the simplest solution to retrieve / recover your Apples ID’s password:


  • The very first thing that you need to do is to go into the Store icon of your iPhone in order to know your Apple ID. This step is highly recommended so that you will know what ID you are using as your Apple Store ID in order to avoid any confusion. In case you type your ID wrong then you have to come back looking your Apple’s Id here. At the bottom of settings you will see your Apple’s ID
  • Now the next thing that need to do is to tap on your Apple’s ID, and after you will do that you will be provided with the following options:
    • View Apple ID.
    • Sign Out.
    • iForgot.
    • Cancel.
  • Now after doing that, the next thing you will be doing is to click over “iForgot” option, and as soon as you will do it your browser will be accessed automatically and will be taken you to the iTunes page from where you can change your password.
  • You will be taken to a page where you will be offered following methods to retrieve your Apple ID’s password.
    • Enter your Apple ID.
    • Forgot Apple ID.
    • AOL Members.
  • As you have forgotten your password then you will choose the first option “Enter you Apple ID”.
  • After tapping over “Enter your Apple’s ID” option you will be taken to another page from where you have to choose between the following two options:
    • Reset your password by Email.
    • Answer Security Question.
  • If you are planning to reset your password via email then choose first option and as soon as you will do it a password reset link will be sent to you on your email address.
  •  Now go to your Inbox (if not in Inbox check your Junk Folder) and follow the instructions provided in your email in order to reset your password.

All the above mentioned steps are surely going to help you in retrieving your password.

P.S.  This solution is for all the phones running iOS 6 to iOS 7.0.4


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