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Quick and Simple Steps for Resolving iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Problem

Quick and Simple Steps for Resolving iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Problem

One of the most common issues that were reported by iPhone 5 users was its Wi-Fi connection issue, as most of them the users of iPhone 5 were having different types of troubles when it comes to connecting with the internet, and the worst thing is that Apple is not able to do anything in this regard, as they don’t even know whether it is a software or a hardware problem. Apple is still “testing” to identify the problem, and in just few days (or weeks) you will be able to get a quick fix of this problem. People normally faced the following three types of Wi-Fi connection issues:



  • Refusal of connection.
  • Connection dropping from time to time.
  • Low Signals even when you are in a good range.

Following are some of the Quick fixes for this iPhone 5 Wi-Fi problem:

Restart Your iPhone 5


In order to overcome this problem, all you have to do is to restart your iPhone; however it is just a temporary solution of this problem, and the Wi-Fi issue might return after an hour or two.

Restart Your Network Connection


If you are sick and tired of restarting your iPhone 5 again and again, then just go and reset your network connection, as this might also solve the problem. There are a number of people who have reported that this thing has worked for them, however other needed to restart their iPhone. However this is also a temporary solution, and you might need to wait for the official iPhone Wi-Fi fix, but it is still a lot better than having no Wi-Fi connection or restarting your phone again and again.

Switching Your Router from WPA/WPA2 to WEP

Another thing that will assist you in overcoming iPhone 5 connectivity problem is that you should switch your router from WPA/WPA 2 to WEP, as this is also able to solve your problem in the best possible manner.

Reset your Router

Another thing that might also assist you in solving this problem is to restart your router, as in some cases this has also solve the problem for few people. That doesn’t mean the router is faulty but the thing is when a router is reset it also resets its connection with iPhone’s Wi-Fi which might come out as effective one.

Till the time Apple doesn’t offer any permanent fix for this problem, the above mentioned methods will surely come handy.



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