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How to Replace Nokia Lumia 900 Broken LCD Screen?

How to Replace Nokia Lumia 900 Broken LCD Screen?

nokia lumia 900 broken screen

In order to replace Nokia Lumia 900 broken LCD Screen, all you have to do is to follow the following steps:


star screw driver long pin

  • Star Screw Driver
  • Long Needle

Steps Involved

removing sim card slot

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to remove SIM card slot using a long needle / Pin.

imei sticker semi circle shaped cap

  • Now pull IMEI sticker up gently from top left followed by a semi circle shaped cap which is just beside the sticker in order to make the way for hole via which you will unlock LCD locks.
  • In order to unlock LCD locks, insert long needle / pin till the end, and pull it out. (All the LCD Locks are unlocked now).
  • Now insert a small sized star screw driver in that hole and gently lift it up in order to unlock cover lock.

removing screen

  • In order to separate LCD Screen completely from body take a very thin plastic card or plastic separation tool and slide it at the corners of your Nokia Lumia 900 (between LCD Screen and body).

screws lumia 900 metal sheet heat battery

  • Now gently pull up broken Nokia Luma 900 LCD screen from the left side of your phone (Volume Button Side) and keep it steady as illustrated in picture.
  • Now remove all the screws from the metal sheet (10 in Nos.).
  • After that, gently heat the specified area of the metal sheet at a low temperature for two to three seconds, so that the glue holding battery and metal sheet can be melted down.

removing metal sheet

  • Lift up the metal sheet from top left corner of the phone as shown in picture.

function button strip display strip

display strip unplugged

  • After metal sheet is removed unplug Display strip and Function button strip.

new lcd screen lumia 900

  • Finally Plug-in display strip and function button strip of new Nokia Lumia 900 LCD screen and check whether it is working or not. If it is, then assemble your phone. (Make sure to check touch and function button before assembling).



  • Tip: You failed to mention how many points are in the star of the screwdriver. Is it a six pointed star? A five pointed star? Can you link to a specific screwdriver that I can purchase?

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