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How to Replace Broken Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen?

How to Replace Broken Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen?

No matter with which smart phone brand / model you will go with, one of the things that you will find common among them is that they all have very delicate screen, and a little bump is enough to damage or even break their digitizer, and the only thing that you can do is to replace it at the earliest.

Changing broken Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen is surely not a walk in a park, as you need a proper set of tools as well as good hands on experience before you plan to do that, however it is always a good idea to know how things are done in the best possible manner.

In the following lines you will get to know step by step method of replacing broken Samsung Galaxy S3 screen:

Step 1 – Taking Out Battery, SIM and Micro SD Card

After getting your hands over a Samsung Galaxy S3 digitizer (Original), the next thing that you will need to do is to take out Battery, Micro SD card and SIM card.

S3 Battery Sim Card MMCStep 2 – Unscrewing The Screws

Now after removing all that, the next thing that you would be doing is to unscrew all the screws with the help of a Star Screw Driver.

S3 removing ScrewsStep 3 – Pulling Out the Frame

After removal of these screws, you will be able to easily pull out the frame. Make sure that you use plastic separation tool in order to get this thing done smoothly. When you do that, the entire frame will pop out easily.

S3 removing back cover screws

s3 cover removed

Step 4 – Unscrewing Motherboard Screw

Now unscrew the main board screw, so that you can pull out motherboard out of your Samsung Galaxy S3.

S3 Motherboard screw openStep 5 – Pulling out Strips

Now Pull out LCD screen strip, Front Camera Strip, Speaker and Volume button strip with the help of plastic separation tool.

S3 lcd screen stripS3 speaker and volume strip s3 front camera stripStep 6 – Take out Antenna Wire

Now pop off the Antenna wire too, so that you can remove Motherboard.

S3 antenna wireStep 7 – Removing Motherboard

Now slightly pull up the front camera in order to remove Samsung Galaxy S3 board. Lift it up with the help of your fingers and gently remove it as defined in picture below. Make sure that you do not touch any of the IC’s.

 S3 pulling out front camera

s3 removing motherboard

Step 8 – Pulling Out the Screen by using Heat Gun

Now all you have to do is to get a heat gun, and use it on all corners of the screen, so that the glue inside the digitizer melts and screen can be pulled out easily. Make sure to spread out heat evenly over every corner of Samsung Galaxy S3. Never ever use heat gun by placing your phone in your hands, as it releases extreme amount of heat. Use heat gun as mentioned in picture below.

 S3 applying heatStep 9 – Removing Digitizer

Now pull up digitizer with the help of plastic separation tool from every corner.

 S3 removing digitizer

Step 10 – Removing Samsung Galaxy S3 Broken LCD Screen

After you are done with it, remove Samsung Galaxy S3 broken LCD screen with the help of scalping tool OR you can also use plastic separation tool in order to get this thing done.

s3 removing broken lcd screenStep 11 – Placing new Digitizer and reconnecting Motherboard, Strips and Screws

After you are done with it, place new LCD screen as well as digitizer on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and reinsert motherboard and reconnect all the connectors, screws etc.

s3 fixing screenStep 12 – Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S3

Now finally turn it on and enjoy the new Samsung Galaxy S3 digitizer and LCD screen.

s3 turn on phone


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