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How to replace broken Samsung Galaxy Note 1 LCD Screen?

How to replace broken Samsung Galaxy Note 1 LCD Screen?


  • Star Screw Driver.
  • Plastic Separation Tool.

Method to Replace Broken Samsung Galaxy Note 1 LCD Screen

removing screws

  • Remove back cover and battery from your Samsung Galaxy Note 1.
  • Remove all the screws (8 in Nos.) with the help of a Star Screw Driver.

unlocking 8 locks

  • Now separate phone’s frame with the help of a separation tool. Phone’s frame is fixed to LCD due to 8 locks, simply place plastic separation tool between frame and LCD screen and slide across in order to open all the locks.
  • Now gently pull up the screen from the bottom with the help of a separation tool. Now remove screen from the frame.

disconnecting strips and screws

  • Remove 2 motherboard screws in order to disconnect it from Note 1’s LCD screen (as mentioned in picture above).
  • Disconnect following strips from the motherboard:
    • Charging dock strip.
    • Function button strip.
    • Antenna wire.
    • Display strip.
    • Front Camera strip.
    • S Pen Strip.
    • Speaker Strip.

    removing motherboard

  • Now remove Motherboard.
  • After pulling motherboard up, remove rear camera strip which is at the backside of the board.
  • Now remove Charging dock from the panel.

removing motherboard note 1 broken screen

  • Bring in New LCD screen and repeat the entire procedure in descending order in order to fix new screen.  


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