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Quick Fixes of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wi-Fi Problems

Quick Fixes of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wi-Fi Problems

Normally a new device doesn’t come up with any of the problems, until or unless it has some manufacturing faults in it. A good number of people have reported that they are experiencing different Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wi-Fi- problems in their phone, and this is surely one of the things that is making everyone crazy, as in most cases Samsung is not offering the device replacement, hence people are left with very few options.

galaxy note 3 wifi issues

The main reason why Samsung is not offering a replacement phone is because there is no hardware problem, and is more related to software. One of the best things is that there are a good number of potential solutions and quick fixes of this problem.

Before going with the solution of this problem, we are going to discuss what different Wi-Fi problems people are encountering in their Samsung Galaxy Note3.


  • Wi-Fi is very slow.
  • Phone keeps on dropping the connection.
  • Not connecting.

Potential Solutions

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to check whether your mobile data connection is ON or OFF, if it is ON then turn it OFF, as this could be causing the problem.
  • If the above mentioned problem is not yours then follow the following steps, as it has reported to solve problems of good number of people. For that, go to:
    • Settings.
    • Wi-Fi and Tap Menu.
    • Advanced.
    • Unmark “Auto Network Switch” option.
  • Turn your Note 3 and Wi-Fi router for few minutes and then turn both of them on again. If that doesn’t work then toggle between ON / OFF of your Wi-Fi.
  • If the above methods doesn’t work for you then go into:
    • Settings.
    • Wi-Fi and press the problem connection button for a longer period and tell the device to forget the connection. After doing that set a new connection from scratch. This solution has also helped a number of people.
  • Sometimes crowded channels are also the issue of this problem. In order to recognize the crowded channels you can go with any of the Wi-Fi analyzer apps, you can find a good number of them for free. Just install any of them and look for the crowded channels. If your current channel is crowded then change the channel on your router. This is absolutely effective for slow Wi-Fi connections problem.
  • Check for your router’s firmware updates and also overview the MAC filtering settings.
  • In case you are encountering connection dropping issue, disable Wi-Fi direct apps and Wi-Fi direct share. These can be found in:
    • Settings.
    • Application manager.
    • All Tab.

These are the quick fix methods of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wi-Fi problems. Any of them will surely help you to resolve the above mentioned problems.


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