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Apple Gets Ready for the Production of iPhone 6 – 5.5 Display still in Question

Apple Gets Ready for the Production of iPhone 6 – 5.5 Display still in Question

From the past month, we all have been hearing different reports regarding the upcoming iPhone 6, and each and every report leave people even more excited than before.


One of the Apple Inc. manufacturing partners, Pegatron is already preparing the manufacturing process of upcoming iPhone 6, as reported by Commercial Times. The company has already started to hire people in their factory, even though the launch of iPhone 6 is not planned before August or September of 2014.

It seems that Pegatron is planning to start the manufacturing process earlier so that they can cover the demand and supply gap, and Apple iPhone 6 won’t run out of the market before time just like iPhone 5S, however shortening the supply of one’s product is also known to be one of the best marketing tactics, that entices others towards a product even more!

Previously Pegatron has worked with Apple Inc. as they were handling the production of iPhone 5C and iPad Mini. This time the company has received the contract for manufacturing and supply of half of the iPhone 6 stock (contract was given to them in January 2014). However rest of the stock will be manufactured and supplied by Foxconn, which is the main partner of Apple Inc.

The news regarding another company, Hon Hai is not confirmed, as it is said that this is going to be another company that will be supplying iPhone 6.

The rumor has it that Apple Inc. is working on two Smart phones at the same time. One of these phones will comes up with a 4.7 Inches of display size, while the other one will be equipped with a 5.5” of display size. However the launch of 5.5” display screen is still in question, as none of the confirmed reports are coming from any side and neither Apple is commenting anything over this news.

Besides everything else, there are also reports that this 5.5” display Smartphone will not fall under the category of “iPhone”, and it would be something like a Phablet; however there are strong chances that it might look like an iPhone but it won’t be an iPhone.

Besides everything else, there are a whole lot of questions regarding the 5.5” display screen phone, as Apple might need to launch a separate set of apps for that phone, but there are also chances that both of them have similar resolution.

The new iPhone 6 seems to be a mysterious phone, and its launch would either disappoint or excite the consumers, but it is for sure that they are going to make billions out of it as well, just like every other previous generation of iPhone.


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