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Old Boot – The Deadliest Android Device Killing Virus

Old Boot – The Deadliest Android Device Killing Virus

Android is known to be one of the widely used mobile OS in all over the world, and no doubt it supports highest number of apps in its store. When it comes to number of apps, iOS ranks second and Windows Phone OS ranks third.

old boot android virus

Majority of mobile phone companies like Samsung Mobile, LG, Sony etc normally launch their phones on this OS, although they know that this “Least” Open Source Mobile OS offers them minimum options to make changes as per their will, but they are surely helpless as none other OS offers them the number of apps that this platform is offering them.

Virus issues in Smart phones is really not a common thing, and there are very less people who are actually discussing about Smart phone viruses, as if their phone gets effected by any kind of virus then a simple phone cleaning gets the job done right for them. However as per the recent news, one of the viruses is known to be the deadliest among the rest, and it doesn’t go out that easy.

This virus is known as the “Old Boot”, which is especially designed for the phones running Android OS. The worst thing about this virus is that, it has the capability to re-infect the device even after you go with re-thorough cleaning.

Old boot is known to be one of the most intelligent types of Android Device virus, as it gets implanted in the memory of the device and modifies the system files and the entire boot device section, hence allowing it to completely remove the malicious files in beginning hence saving itself from getting completely removed after device cleaning.

Not just that, all the functions it performs is at the back end, and it has been noted that the antivirus programs are also found to be ineffective against this program, as it fights antivirus, and not just that, it also fights back other malicious programs too!

The Old boot works in a way that it installs other malicious programs in your phone’s system data processor, hence halting you to even delete those files, besides that it also changes your Home browser as well, and it does all that at back end, and the code is actually hidden behind images, that almost never cause suspicion.

The main purpose of this malware is to extract personal information of the phone’s owner, especially the password of credit card number or the malware sends paid messages, in order to make cash out from the phone.

So in-short you simply cannot delete this malware from your phone, however the only thing that you can do is to avoid it, which is done by downloading Android Apps only from recommended sources like Google Play Store, as this Play Store takes the guarantee for every kind of apps that it is offering in their stores.


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