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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be shipped to 140 Nations till October

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be shipped to 140 Nations till October

galaxy note 3 to 140 nations

Samsung’s top of the line Phablet was revealed on 4th of September, but before its revelation, analysts already predicted that it is going to be the biggest launch of the year by Samsung, and it surely did quite well.

This 5.7” massive phone surely caught the attention of the entire world, and people were more than excited to get their hands over it, while on the other hand, for some people it was too big and bulky to handle, as it is impossible for Note 3 to fit in Jeans pocket, hence makes its mobility quite difficult.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sales have hit sky high in South Korea, and it is evident that it will continue to rise, as more and more people are looking forward towards getting their hands on this tablet. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is being sold at $990.00USD in South Korea, so you can expect that its prices may rise when they are shipped out to other countries.

As per Samsung’s marketing team, they are planning to ship Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to 140 Nations by the end of October, which literally means that they are expecting good sales of their Note 3 Phablet in rest of the world. However iPhone 5S and 5C are also there to lower down the effectiveness of Note 3, as iPhone 5S and 5C are already shipped out to various nations, and are much cost effective as compared to Note 3, hence capturing the market before the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in most nations.

Samsung is surely planning big and great, when it comes to targeting the rest of the world, but they surely need to be a little quick, as this lagging won’t do them any good, as it will only result in thinning the market for Galaxy Note 3. Besides everything else, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also quite expensive and not everyone can afford this elite class Phablet offered by Samsung, but it is expected that it might double its sales in Europe.


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