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Nokia CEO Admits that Nokia Might Get Wiped out from Mobile Phone Market

Nokia CEO Admits that Nokia Might Get Wiped out from Mobile Phone Market

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Nokia, who was once known to be the Grand Daddy of the entire Mobile phone market, is going through the fear of completely wiping out from the industry, as predicted by Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop.

Microsoft has finally finalized the purchase of Nokia’s Mobile Phones and Tablets section for the next ten years, while the rest of the things will be handled under the banner of Nokia. This “10 years term” between Microsoft and Nokia could be the thing that can wipe out Nokia from Cellular industry, as if things won’t work out with Microsoft, and then they might end up the development of Nokia phones.

However nothing is for sure, as in the next ten years Microsoft – Nokia might be able to beat Apple and Samsung in the Smart phone race. So it is evident that, after 10 years Nokia might be the biggest Smartphone manufacturer or it would just become a shady part of history.

CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop is soon going to be the Lead of Microsoft’s Device team who are specifically going to work in the Mobile phone and Tablet section.

A whole lot is expected from Microsoft – Nokia, as both of them have decided to come up with a list of launches that are surely going to rock the consumer market, and hence they are going to begin this thing with Tablet.

Nokia’s strongest brand so far is Lumia, which is surely going to do great when combined with MS technology, so what we can expect right now is something bigger and better from these companies.

Few days back Nokia has announced its very first Windows based Tablet, which surely looks great, and the success of this Tablet might decide the fate of this company, that how well they are planning to do in future together or does Nokia Mobile phones stands any chance with Microsoft or not.


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