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Nokia Lumia Sales Reached 9 Million

Nokia Lumia Sales Reached 9 Million

nokia lumia sales

Finnish Company that made its mark in low ranged phones is now slowly but gradually making its way to the top in Smartphone market with the help of its Nokia Lumia series. Past couples of years have been really tough for Nokia, as it reached to the point of selling their mobile phone and tablet section to Microsoft, which they actually did!

After Microsoft – Nokia merger, the company has been progressing at a much faster pace since that time, as within 3 months Nokia Lumia sales have been improved to up to 19%, as the company was able to sell out 9 Million Lumia Smart phones in third quarter.

Nokia has surely made some record sales over its Nokia Lumia phones within just 3 months, but the company lags way behind as compared to the industry giants Samsung and iPhone, but still Microsoft seems to be happy with this, as they are actually making good money from this deal and the future of Microsoft – Nokia seems to be much brighter, which was not expected by most of the economists and tech analysts.

Microsoft has surely bought Nokia in its declined time, when even there low-ranged phones were suffering a decline in sales of up to 27% yearly. But it seems that finally Nokia under the banner of Microsoft is finally getting on its feet, as the company is making some great sales over its Lumia phones, and of course it is all due to the efforts put in by Microsoft.

Not only for Nokia, the third quarter has surely been great for Samsung and Apple as well, as both the companies made some record sales in the third quarter of the year.


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