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Nokia Gets Back on Track as it Heads Up Sales with Nokia Lumia in Europe

Nokia Gets Back on Track as it Heads Up Sales with Nokia Lumia in Europe

Nokia lumia captured europe

Finally the Decades old mobile phone giant gets back on track, as finally their Windows Nokia Lumia Smartphone picks up sales in Europe, Latin America and some other parts of the world.

Just a few months back, Nokia was surely at its worst, and this is because their Smart phones were not making any money at all, while their low end ranged phones were declining at a much faster pace.

That was surely an alarming situation for the company, as they were even forced to sell out their mobile phone and tablets section to Microsoft. It seems that decision was pretty healthy, as the company is finally doing well in its affairs, and increasing sales globally.

Besides that, company has already beaten iPhone in Italy, and is doing well in Latin America’s markets. Besides Italy, Nokia’s sales have already topped up in UK, Germany, Greece, Spain and France. At this pace, Nokia might be able to beat industry giants like Apple and Samsung in the next 5 years, but what they have to do is to have a steady development.

Nokia is already on the path of Apple, as it is already eliminating competition with the help of patent infringement cases against HTC.

In UK, Windows phones have grapple around 12% of the market, and are expected to rise more in coming months.

Hence Nokia is finally back on track, as it is making some huge sales in Europe over its Nokia Lumia phones, hence allowing the company to again stand on its feet. It is evident that Nokia – Microsoft are playing a steady game, and very soon they will become industry giants.


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