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How to Solve Nokia Lumia 920 SIM Card Problem?

How to Solve Nokia Lumia 920 SIM Card Problem?

In the following lines you will get to know all the possible Nokia Lumia 920 SIM card problems as well as solutions.


  • Insert SIM error message.
  • Phonebook not accessible.

Manual Solution

  • Remove and Reinsert SIM card and check.
  • Clean SIM card contacts and check.
  • Check with any other working SIM Card.

Hardware Solution

nokia lumia 920 board

lumia 920 sim card socket and 1st pin

  • Gently pull up the pins of SIM socket contacts and check.

lumia 920 sim controller ic capacitor resistor

  • Check connection between 1st Pin of SIM socket contacts and Capacitor (at the opposite side of board near SIM Control IC). If there is no continuity between capacitor and 1st pin then it shows “Insert SIM” error message.
  • Check resistor of SIM controller IC (Power goes to SIM socket via resistor and capacitor).
  •  If everything else fails then heat SIM controller IC and check. If it is still not working then replace them.



  • Hi,

    do you can tell me which sim controller ic and resistor it is to buy one??

    best regards,


    • Daniel just order a SIM Controller IC for Lumia 920 and also tell the supplier that which resistor you need. You don’t need to get into any kind of hassle.

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