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How to Solve Nokia Lumia 920 Network Problems?

How to Solve Nokia Lumia 920 Network Problems?


  • No network found in your Lumia 920.
  • Signals are almost always Low.
  • Your phone only searches for network but does not connect.
  • Signal keeps on dropping.
  • Call drops most of the time.

Reasons of Problems

  • SIM Card might be faulty or has dusty contacts.
  • Your antenna, antenna contact pins and/or antenna contacts might be a bit rusty or is consumed by the dust particles.
  • Any of the components might be faulty.
  • Secondary antenna (Point 1 or Point 2 or both) might be faulty. Antenna wire might also be faulty. (Antenna wire connects secondary antenna Point 1 and Point 2).
  • Antenna Switch or Power Amp IC might be faulty.


  • Restart your phone and check.
  • Remove, clean and reinsert SIM card and check, as sometimes this also gets the job done right.
  • Toggle between different network modes, as sometimes toggling between different networks gets the job done right.
  • Check with any other SIM card, as the problem might be with your SIM card rather than your phone.

Tools Required

  • Star screw driver and separation tool for disassembling your Lumia 920.
  • Multi meter.
  • Jumper (Copper wire).
  • Heat gun.
  • Tweezers.
  • Soldering gun.

Hardware Solution

lumia 920 primary antenna

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to clean primary antenna and primary antenna contacts and check.

lumia 920 antenna contact pins

  • Replace antenna contact pins and check, as sometimes the spring of antenna pins become loose and are not able to connect primary antenna with antenna contacts hence causing network problems in your phone.

lumia 920 secondary antenna contacts

  • Check Coil as mentioned in figure and replace it if it is found to be faulty. Besides that, if you don’t have a coil along with you at the moment, you can also replace it with a jumper wire, as it acts exactly like coil.

lumia 920 antenna switch power amp ic

  • Check Point – 1 and Point – 2 of secondary antenna, if any of them is found to be faulty re-solder or replace them.
  • Replace antenna wire if it is faulty, as sometimes a faulty antenna wire is also the cause of this problem.
  • Now gently heat Antenna Switch and check, if it is found to be faulty replace it.
  • Now the next thing that you need to do is to check Capacitor – 1 and Capacitor – 2 from the positive terminal of the battery, if they are faulty then replace. In case there is no connection than you need to use introduce a jumper in this system.
  • Check all the surrounding components of Power Amp IC and Check. Replace any of the faulty components.
  • Finally heat Power Amp IC, replace it if it is found to be faulty.



    you realy deserve credits on this.
    i had a problem with my signal and in repair shops said it might take from 30 to 50 euros for fixing this problem, so i looked at this page and did it myself,
    i managed to fix it by reconnecting the small wire in my phone!!!!
    (y) (y) (y) you were very helpful thank you (y) (y) (y) 😀

  • Andressr08

    Hello, I have problems with the signal. When searching for a network, I find it perfectly, but when I select speed 2 g, the smartphone runs out of service, loses the signal. I have a nokia lumia 920. Unfortunately, in my country there is no 3g service, so usually I lose signal. Any solution?

    • This is not the problem in your phone the problem is actually in the service provider. You can check out your Carrier’s customer support that what you should do in this case, as they will guide you what settings you need to do in order to make it working for you. Old Blackberry phones also encountered similar problems in Asian markets.

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