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Most Noted Nokia Lumia 920 Charging Problems

Most Noted Nokia Lumia 920 Charging Problems

Let’s have a look at most noted Nokia Lumia 920 Charging problems as well as their solution:


  • Phone not Charging.
  • Showing “Charger Not Connected” error message.
  • Phone heats up during charging.

Manual Solution

  • Check with any other original Nokia Lumia charger.
  • Clean Charging connectors and check

Hardware Solution for Lumia 920 Charging issue

lumia 920 charging pin

  • Clean Charging Connector and check.

920 charging strip

  • Change Charging strip and check.

920 charging ic connector capacitor

  • Check resistor as well as capacitor, if they are faulty replace them.
  • Gently heat charging IC and Check. If it is still not working then replace it.


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