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How to Solve Nokia Lumia 920 Audio Jack Problem?

How to Solve Nokia Lumia 920 Audio Jack Problem?

Following is the set of Nokia Lumia 920 Audio Jack problems as well as its solution:


  • No Sound.
  • Low Sound.
  • Different intensity of sound in left and right ear phones.

Manual Solution

  • Change your headset and check.
  • If low sound check settings.
  • Reset your phone and check.
  • If resetting your phone doesn’t solve the problem, then turn your Phone “ON – OFF” and check.

Hardware Solution

lumia 920 board

lumia 920 audio jack contacts

  • Clean Audio Jack contacts and check.

lumia 920 audio ic and audio jack connector

  • Clean Audio Jack on-board connector’s pins and check.
  • Gently pull up the pins of on-board connector, so that pins make proper contact with Audio Jack contacts.
  • Now Check Coil and Capacitor of Audio Jack. Replace if faulty, as they are the cause of No Sound.
  • Change Audio Jack and check.
  • If everything else fails then gently heat Audio controller IC. If it is still not working then replace it. 


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