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How to Solve Nokia Lumia 900 Power Problems?

How to Solve Nokia Lumia 900 Power Problems?


  • Phone is not powering ON.
  • Phone heats up even when power is OFF (and doesn’t turn ON also).
  • Phone turns OFF randomly and at any point.
  • Phone powers OFF when any specific application is accessed.

Reasons of Problems

  • Battery may be faulty.
  • Phone might be water damaged.
  • Charging connector and / or its components might be water damaged.
  • Battery connectors are damaged.
  • Power IC might be faulty.


  • Charge your phone for 30 minutes and try to turn it on, while on charging make sure that your phone’s battery is being charged.
  • In case phone turns OFF randomly then uninstall any of the power related apps, as that might also be the cause of the problem.
  • In case phone turns OFF when any specific app is accessed then uninstall that app and check.
  • Go with ROM Flashing (This should only be done in case Hardware method fails to resolve your problem).

Tools Required

  • Star Screw Driver (For Disassembling).
  • Plastic separation tool (For Disassembling).
  • Soldering Gun.
  • Heat Gun.
  • Multi meter.

Hardware Solution

lumia 900 battery

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to check battery voltage at its terminals in order to verify whether the problem is with the battery or with anything else. (Battery voltage should be at least 3.8V).
  • If the battery voltage is lower than 3.8V or is not showing charge then it means you need to change your battery in first place and check.

battery connectors charging connector components

  • Now check battery connectors physically for any physical or water damage. In case it is water damage than clean the battery contacts. Besides that, also re-solder these battery contacts.

lumia 900 power ic

  • Now inspect for any traces of water damage around power IC’s components. Clean and gently heat those components which appear to be water damaged. If they are found to be faulty replace them.
  • Check whether any of the surrounding capacitors are short or faulty. In case they are short or faulty replace them.
  • Now gently heat Power IC and check. If it fails then re-ball or replace Power IC.
  • If you are still facing the issue of Power problem in your Nokia Lumia 900 then the next thing that you need to do is to check for the traces of water damage around charging connector and its components, if it is water damaged then gently heat those components and check.
  • In case all of the above method doesn’t resolve your problem then check the entire board for any traces of water damage gently heat or re-solder if needed.



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