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How to Solve Nokia Lumia 900 Network Problems?

How to Solve Nokia Lumia 900 Network Problems?

Following are all the possible Nokia Lumia 900 Network problems that you might encounter:


  • No network at all.
  • Low signals in Lumia 900.
  • Phone only searching for network but not connecting.
  • Signal dropping issue.
  • Call keeps on dropping.

Reasons of Problems

  • SIM card might be faulty or your network carrier might be having signal issues due to any of the reasons.
  • Antenna Contacts pins are not in absolute contact with GSM antenna contacts.
  • Any of the capacitors might be short or faulty.
  • Problem might be with your antenna switch or Power Amp IC.


  • Restart your Nokia Lumia 900 and check.
  • Remove and Re-insert SIM card and check.
  • Toggle between different network modes and check.
  • If all the above steps fail then check with any other working SIM card, as the problem might also be with your SIM card alone.

Tools Required

  • You need Star Screw Driver and Plastic Separation tool for disassembling your phone.
  • A Paper Pin.
  • Multi meter.
  • Heat gun.

Hardware Solution

lumia 900 gsm antenna contacts

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to clean GSM antenna contacts and Antenna contact pins from dust and from any traces of rust. After you are done with that cleaning phase, check the status of your problem.

network switch and power ic

  • Gently pull up antenna contact pins with the help of a pin and check.
  • Check Capacitor – 1 whether it is shot or is faulty. In case it is short or faulty replace the capacitor.
  • Now check connection between Capacitor – 2 and antenna contacts, replace capacitor if the connection is broken.

For No Network

For No Network problem, gently heat antenna switch, if it still fails to perform then replace antenna switch and check.

For Call Dropping

For Call dropping issue, all you have to do is to gently heat Power Amp IC and check, if it is still faulty replace it.

Network issue can arise anytime and due to any of the reasons, and most of the time a simple restart gets the job done right or the problem is with SIM card of your phone. But if the problem persists even after restart, then you need to go through the entire process. This is known to be one of the most common problems found in Lumia 900, which normally occurs due to age of the phone or any kind of physical damage that your phone encounters in its day to day usage.


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