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How to Solve Nokia Lumia 900 Charging Problems?

How to Solve Nokia Lumia 900 Charging Problems?


  • Phone not charging.
  • Battery heats up.

Reasons of Problems

  • Might be the problem in charger or charger’s pin.
  • It also happens due to the dust present in charging connector of your phone.
  • Dry soldering of charging pins, you need to re-solder them again. However for that you need to remove metal sheet over charging pins with the help of a heat gun in order to access charging pins for soldering.
  • Might be due to uneven voltage. It happens due to faulty circuit.
  • Fuse or Capacitor might also be faulty.


It is always great that if workaround methods are able to resolve your charging problems, as none of us wants to go into the hardware of their phone.

  • Check with any other original Nokia Lumia charger.
  • Clean charging connector of your phone from outside and check.

Tools Required

Following are the tools you need before you plan to go with hardware method

  • Soldering Gun.
  • Heat Gun.
  • Multi meter.
  • Plastic separation tool.
  • Star screw driver.
  • Jumper Wire (Copper wire).

Hardware Solution

lumia 900 charging connector

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to check voltage at the testing point 1 (as mentioned above in Figure). The voltage should be around 4.9V to 5V. other testing points are for USB connector.
  • In case there is no or uneven voltage at the charging point, then remove metal shield off from charging connector and re-solder all the pins of charging connector.
  • If still there is no or uneven voltage then place jumper at the testing point.

lumia 900 charging ic

  • Afterwards Check fuse, if it is faulty then replace it or place a jumper instead. A jumper will work similarly as of a fuse.
  • Now check capacitor, replace if it is faulty.
  • Now follow the following steps in order to resolve Charging IC issue:
    • Gently heat charging IC and check.
    • If the above step fails then remove and re-fix IC.
    • If it is still found to be faulty then replace it.

All of the above methods will surely help you in resolving Nokia Lumia 900 charging problem, but make sure that you go with workaround methods first before you jump into hardware solution. Another thing that should take under consideration before going with hardware procedure is that you should have all the standard tools along your side, else it is surely going to damage your phone.


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