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How to Solve Nokia Lumia 900 Buzzer Problem?

How to Solve Nokia Lumia 900 Buzzer Problem?


  • No Sound in buzzer.
  • Low Sound.
  • Distorted / Noisy Sound.

Reasons of Problems

  • Low, distorted or noisy sound always happens due to problem in buzzer.
  •  Might be problem with buzzer contacts, there pins soldering might be worn out or they might have encountered any kind of water damage.
  • Buzzer on-board contact pins might be damaged.
  • Any of the coils and capacitors might be damaged.


  • Check volume settings and your current active profile.

buzzer mesh

  • Clean buzzer mesh from outside and with the help of small pin (but make sure that you don’t insert it too deep in buzzer)
  • In case of low, noise or distorted sound, clean all the buzzer holes and check.

Tools Required

  • Multi meter.
  • Heat gun.
  • Soldering gun.
  • Jumper (Copper Wire).
  • Star screw driver.
  • Plastic separation tool.

Hardware Solution

In case all the workaround methods fail then you need to move towards the hardware solution:

For Low, Distorted and Noisy sound

For Low, Distorted or noisy sound you need to replace your entire buzzer module, as there is no other solution for this.

For No Sound

lumia 900 buzzer module

  • For no sound, the very first thing that you need to do is to clean buzzer contacts and check.

buzzer contact pins

  • Now pull up buzzer contact pins and check, if that doesn’t work then re-solder the pins.

 buzzer contact pins coils

  • Now check connection between buzzer contact pins with their respective coils. ( Coil 1 and Coil 2). Both of these coils are found at the backside of the board (exactly behind buzzer contact pins).
  • If coils are damaged then replace them. In case you don’t have a coil available then place a jumper across coils. A jumper is basically a copper wire that works exactly like coils.
  • Now check continuity between the +VE buzzer contact pin and coil 3, 4 and capacitor 1. If any of the coils or capacitor is found to be faulty replace them. You can always replace coils with jumpers.
  • If all of the above steps fail then you should change your Nokia Lumia 900 buzzer module, as there is no other solution of this problem than that.

Buzzer problems normally occurs in Lumia 900 whenever they encounter good amount of dust or any kind of water damage, and most of the time the problem is with the buzzer. A simple buzzer replacement often does the job right. However it is recommended that should move ahead step by step and turn all the stones before replacing your buzzer module, else it will give no avail to you.




  • thanks for your istruction. it is very helpfull.
    question is that the values of capacitors where i can find itÉ
    thank in advance for your time

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