Nokia Lumia 800,Nokia screen replacement

Nokia Lumia 800 Screen Replacement Method

Nokia Lumia 800 Screen Replacement Method

Nokia Lumia 800 is known to be one of the reliable handsets, especially when it comes to its components and screen. However nothing lasts that long as your Lumia 800 screen can also get easily damaged by any physical collision, extreme rough usage or its screen might get faulty due to any of the reasons.

In this article you will get to know the method of Nokia Lumia 800 Screen replacement method.

Tools Required

  • Plastic separation tool.
  • Star screw driver.

Steps Involved in Screen Replacement

lumia 800 screws

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to open USB shutter and also remove SIM Card case, else you won’t be able to disassemble your phone.
  • After you have opened you USB cap and SIM card case remove the above mentioned screws (two in numbers). For this you need the assistance of a star screw driver.
  • For your convenience I have mentioned the name “Hole 1” and “Hole 2” from where you need to remove the screws, as they are not visible.
  • Now insert Star Screw Driver in Hole 1 and gently lift the screen up, after you are done with that, repeat the same step for Hole 2.

bottom locks

  • After lifting the screen from top of your phone, now bring Plastic Separation Tool in this scene. Gently insert plastic separation tool between Lumia 800 LCD screen and the body of the phone and slide it in all the corners until or unless all the locks are unlocked. There are 13 locks in total, and you need to make sure that each and every one of them is unlocked else it might damage body of your phone.

90 degree angle

sensor cable display strip

  • Now gently lift LCD from the bottom side of your phone, and make a 90 degree angle. After you have done that, hold your phone in the same position and remove display strip and sensor cable.
  • After you are done removing display strip and sensor cable remove screen completely.
  • In order to check whether the problem is with your display screen or not, clean on-board display connector and sensor’s on-board connector. Now re-plug your LCD and check.

lumia 800 lcd screen replace

  • If your old LCD fails to work even after un-plugging and re-plugging then introduce new LCD screen and fix its display connector and sensor cable in your phone.
  • While placing your screen back, make sure that you insert bottom locks first in your phone’s body (3 in numbers). After inserting these three locks now fix screen back in the similar way you have remove it from the body.
  • After you have placed your screen back then fix both the screws and insert SIM card case and Close USB shutter.

All of the above steps will replace your Lumia 800 screen flawlessly.



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