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Nokia All Set to Reveal its First Android Phone in March

Nokia All Set to Reveal its First Android Phone in March

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Nokia is known to be one of the companies that has mainly relied on Windows Phone OS for its Flagship devices, and this is mainly because Nokia and Microsoft has worked side by side from the decades. But now it seems that Nokia is up for a little change, as now this Finnish company is all set to reveal its very first Android based Smartphone.

The company is set to announce this Smartphone in the end of March, but its launch date isn’t sure yet. The news of Nokia Android based phone was started just as a rumor, but with consistent rumors and reports from a good number of credible sources, now it is confirmed that Nokia is actually working on an Android based phone. This is surely the thing that will help in boosting Nokia’s sales, as the only issue Nokia has been facing in past is its lack of applications, but now an Android based phone is surely going to resolve this problem, and will help Nokia to boost its sales even more!

Besides everything else, there are also rumors that this new Android based phone might be the upcoming Nokia Normandy, as the images leaked by far seems to be more like of Nokia Normandy, but nothing can be said for sure regarding that.

Other than that, it is also planned that Nokia Normandy will not only be launched alone on Android OS, as the Windows Phone version will also be launched soon. Nokia Normandy is going to be a dual SIM device and it wouldn’t possess pre-installed Google Play app or any other default apps of Google, and the receiver of that phone has to install it on his own. This surely seems pretty odd, but this is what you have to do in order to make things working for you.

Nokia has already planned to setup their own event for the launch of their Android based phone, and this is mainly because they have a very high expectations from this phone, as this is surely going to boost up the sales of their phone, hence allowing it to compete against iPhone and Samsung globally.

Still there are a lot of things that have remained unclear, and only the final revelation from Nokia would solve this mystery.


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