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Microsoft Moves Ahead with its Remote Desktop Apps for iOS and Android

Microsoft Moves Ahead with its Remote Desktop Apps for iOS and Android

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Whenever Apple and Samsung launch something new (either an App or device) they publicize it to masses, but the trends of Microsoft is quite different in this industry. Microsoft has launched its very first remote desktop apps for iOS and Android without publicizing much about it, as we can only see one line statement from Microsoft about this app in their Press Release.

This Microsoft Remote desktop app will help users to connect with their Pc’s directly from their iOS and Android devices.

This is the very first launch of Microsoft after they have acquired mobile phone section of Nokia, and it seems that they not only want to grab this industry but they are also willing to provide end users with exceptional features they have been looking for.

One of the best things about Microsoft remote desktop apps is that the application is designed for iOS and Android devices and not for Windows Phone, as iOS and Android devices are known to be the most dominant ones! Besides that, one can download this app from Google Play or Apple’s App store for free!

This is surely a great move by Microsoft, as they will be diverting more and more people towards their products in Smartphone Industry, and once they have earned the credibility of providing innovative products, people will surely be attracted towards future Windows Phone, hence allowing them to compete in already saturated market.

These remote desktop apps for iOS and Android allows its users to access their work resources as well as personal files, pictures etc. remotely from their Windows PC. Besides that, the iOS version of Microsoft Remote desktop app also offers direct connection to the monitors as well as projectors for presentations and other tasks.


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