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Microsoft Fails in Luring Apps Developers Even After Acquisition of Nokia

Microsoft Fails in Luring Apps Developers Even After Acquisition of Nokia

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Recently Microsoft which is known to be the software giant acquired another mobile industry giant Nokia for $7.2 Billion. This is known to be one of the most unexpected acquisitions in history, as Nokia was doing quite well in its mobile development business (at least apparently).

Microsoft is known to be a well known and reliable name in this industry which is known to be an absolute planner, but it seems that Microsoft failed in luring apps developer towards its newly acquired Nokia’s mobile phone section.

One of the key reasons for this is that, mobile apps developers believe that the future of Nokia with Microsoft is quite shaky, and this is one of the reasons why famous mobile apps developers and Smule Inc. never developed apps using Microsoft Windows Phone Software.

Both and Smule Inc. have close ties with Nokia, but still it was not enough to persuade them to work with Microsoft’s Windows phone software, as they believe that Microsoft will never find enough users for their phones to make their money worth, and spending their time and money with Microsoft’s Windows phone software won’t do them any good either.

This is not the first time Microsoft is facing a tough time in finding apps developers for their Windows Phone Software, as they have been struggling for this thing since the very first launch of their Windows Phone. Till now it seems that, Microsoft might need to hire in-house apps developer for their OS in order to make a start, as if everything goes well, then they would surely be attracting a whole lot of mobile apps developer towards their Windows Phone Software.


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