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LG Introduces New Devices and Features as the First Gift of 2014

LG Introduces New Devices and Features as the First Gift of 2014

Last year wasn’t that bad for LG, however their spotlight phone LG G2 didn’t went as per the company’s expectations, as LG was only able to sell only 2.3 Million units (company expected it be at least 10 Million). But no doubt it was a one exceptional phone that offered some of the most high end features.

LG new devices 2014

As 2014 has arrived, it seems that LG is all set to take over the Smart phone market, as the company has revealed some of the most extended features that it is willing to offer in 2014 in its Smart phones.

MWC 2014 even is up ahead, but it seems that LG was in quite a hurry to capture the market of this New Year, as already the company has introduced two of its models of G – Series while a 3rd Generation LIII phone.

Besides just devices, it seems that LG is also focused on introducing new features along with its phone, and one of the most noted features among the rest is Knock Code and Guest Mode.

Now let’s have a close eye over what different LG phones are offering:

As per the increasing demand of larger display phones, G Pro 2 is equipped with a massive 5.9 Inches of Full HD Display screen, hence allowing it to be one massive Phablet. Besides that, it will be equipped with a 13 MP camera along with other extended features.

The new LG G2 Mini also offers almost similar features as of G Pro 2 including all the default LG apps, however it will be equipped with a 4.7 Inches of Display and a Quad Core processor with a one powerful battery of 2440 mAh.

Last but not the least the LIII is also going to be a one Jam packed and stylish phone that will surely take you off your feet. LG is also looking forward towards introducing an update that will allow some of the previously released LG phones to use Knock Code as well, hence allowing the users of previous LG phones to make the most out of this feature as well.

Besides just phones and features, LG is also planning well to market its products, as the company will be offering all the visitors of MWC 2014 to personally use their phones in any way they want from LG’s Booth, which will be in Hall Number 3. Now we just need to wait a few months to know how well LG’s new handsets are running in the overly saturated Smartphone market.


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