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LG is all set to Launch LG G3 in Second Half of 2014

LG is all set to Launch LG G3 in Second Half of 2014

LG G3 2014

LG surely had a comeback in Smartphone industry with their LG G2 phone. LG G2 became a success mainly due to its features, style, design and HD LCD, however LG is still not satisfied with its sales, as only 2.3 Million handsets were sold, while the company was expecting a sale of at least 10 million.

2.3 Million Handset is also quite impressive, but it didn’t fill the appetite of LG who is looking forward towards becoming the next industry giant of Smartphone market.

No matter what, LG G2 was surely an impressive cell phone and LG has planned to continue the legacy of LG G series, even though LG G2 sales were quite less than expected sales. Now LG has planned LG G3 which is scheduled to be launched in second half of 2014, as per the news, it seems that the all new LG G3 is surely going to be a one impressive Smartphone, as it is going to be jam packed with everything that people are looking for.

LG G3 will be equipped with a QHD Display, 5.5” of IPS LCD display screen (1440 x 2560 Pixels) and a 16 Megapixels of Camera, which makes this Smartphone a must to have along your side. However we are not sure about the style and design, but one thing is for sure that it is going to be different and impressive.

By over viewing these minor details it can be assumed that LG G3 is going to do quite well in this market, however other Smartphone manufacturers like Apple Inc., Samsung, Nokia, Google and HTC will surely have something impressive in their pockets too! It can be assumed that 2014 will be a real tech war between Smartphone manufacturers, as each and every one of them will be trying to come up with something innovative in order to entice the audiences and to take major chunk out of this most profitable market.

2013 was surely a great year for Smartphone manufacturers, as most of them did exceptionally well, now all we have to do is to just wait and watch what 2014 has to offer.


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