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LG G3 to be a Dust and Waterproof Phone

LG G3 to be a Dust and Waterproof Phone

No matter how strong, reliable and efficient a Smartphone is, two of the most common things that it cannot survive are dust and water. For a Smartphone Dust and Water are known as a killer. Dust is regarded as a slow death, who kills your components, audio jack, MIC, speakers etc slowly while Water is known as an instant killer, that destroys your phone completely leaving it unusable or causing various problems at a time.

LG G3 dust and waterproof phone

Smartphone consumers have now also shifted their priorities from powerful specs and innovations to a reliable phone that doesn’t go out that easy, and this is one of the reasons why companies like Samsung and Sony have move towards dust and waterproof phones.

After the above mentioned two companies, LG has also decided to move towards this path, as now their Flagship phone LG G3 is going to be a dust as well as waterproof phone

Sony and Samsung has offered the devices that gives water protection of Smartphone for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This feature was also added in Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, but it seems that it didn’t work out for most people, as they have complained water damage in their S4 active, which made the claims of Samsung a little bit unreliable. However we are not sure how much depth of water LG G3 is offering as well as the maximum time frame in which the phone can be submerged.

Last year LG G2 was not able to do sales as per the company’s expectation, as the company expected those to be around 10 million; however the sales only reached a little more than 2.7 Million. It seems that LG is now focused more than ever, as now they are not only offering extensive features and powerful specs, but they are also offering dust and water protection which will surely attract people that have butterfingers, that do rough usage or have suffered previously due to dust and water damage, as after a water damage a phone might not perform in a way that it used to be, besides that the other components of the phone also becomes much vulnerable.

Samsung is using IP67 protection against water in their new Flagship phone S5, and it is expected that LG is going to use similar or even better technology for the protection of their phone. LG G3 is going to be out in the market real soon, and you will know what it is all about, but one thing is for sure that they are going to offer best and extensive protection against dust and water, as they don’t have any other option if they want their phone to survive in this market.


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