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LG G2 Wins Smartphone of the Year Award over iPhone 5S

LG G2 Wins Smartphone of the Year Award over iPhone 5S

LG G2 wiinner

Making record sales over a phone or gadget doesn’t really ensure that you will win Smartphone of the Year Award, and this is the thing that is proved by Stuff Magazine.

Stuff Magazine awarded LG G2 Smartphone of the Year Award based on its style, distinctive features and everything else that it has to offer. This is surely a great come back by LG, as the company was on a verge of shutting down their mobile business, but they surely had a real come back, as their phone was awarded with Smartphone of the Year Award.

iPhone 5S surely made record sales after its launch, and still its sales are at its peak. This is mainly due to the holiday season, but still neither their sales nor their finger print sensor helped them to win the award, however Apple’s iPad Air was awarded as the Tablet of the year while Laptop of the year was Apple MacBook Air.

LG G2 features a 5.2” of screen, hence allowing it to be called as a Phablet rather than a Smartphone. Besides that, it comes up with a full HD display accompanied by a powerful Quad-core 2.26 GHz processor, and with a battery that is going to last a full day!

Stuff Magazine awards are done for 2013, now let’s see what 2014 brings in for technology, and who will be awarded as the Smartphone of 2014.


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