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LG G2 Didn’t Even Came Closer to LG’s Sales Expectations

LG G2 Didn’t Even Came Closer to LG’s Sales Expectations

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The year 2013 surely came out as a huge Jackpot for the Smartphone manufacturers, as most of them were able to sell their more than 10 Million handsets in just the last quarter of the year, while the Dwindling companies like Nokia were also able to reap benefits out of it, as Nokia’s Lumia handsets were able to make sales of more than 7 Million.

While on the other hand, LG was not able to do that well, as their Spotlight phone LG G2 didn’t live up to the company’s expectations. LG G2 surely made an impact on the Smart phone market, as it had to offer style, design and all the hi-end features that the users are looking for at a good price. A good number of techno critics appreciated what LG G2 is offering, but it seems that it was really not enough to convince consumers to get this phone, as right prices along with a reliable banner is really very important.

 There is no doubt that LG is one of the best electronics manufacturer, but it has been a long time that they were out from the Smart phone market, therefore they can’t get back in the market right away, they surely need the assistance of a strong marketing team and they really need to get out some extra ordinary product before they can capture a small chunk of global market again and to compete against the industry giants like Samsung and Apple Inc.

LG expected that LG G2 sales would reach at least around 10 million, while it was only able to make around 2.3 million global sales. This was surely a huge let down for the company, however LG needs to understand that they can’t just get a global success overnight, especially when the market is saturated and the world’s major Smartphone shares are in the hands of Samsung and Apple Inc.

Besides everything else, there are also rumors that the main reason for LG G2’s failure is the release of Google Nexus 5, which was almost at the same date of LG G2, and of course people would like to invest in Google rather than in “any” other company, hence it is believed that Google Nexus 5 snapped the market from LG. This is surely the time that LG should be working on its reputation again in Smartphone industry if they are willing to reap the benefits out of this saturated yet profitable market.


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